SERVICE – The action of helping or doing work for someone

“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” – Buddha

Being of service is an integral part of the journey toward finding fulfilment.

One of the most important aspects of progression in all spheres of life is the offering and provision of service to others without any thought whatsoever of reward or self-gratification.

When we give, we always receive. We all have a special talent that makes this world a richer place, serve people by showing them how beautiful life can be when you live passionately exploring it with your talents.

If you go into the world and serve others, you will give meaning to life itself. You will fulfil our purpose for being on planet Earth.
Remember that service to others ennobles us. It gives us moral authority.

Selfless service is absolutely fundamental, both from an individual perspective and from the perspective of the entire human race, without which there can be no true progression.

Practicing is a service. It’s a service not only to your own body, mind and soul, but it is also a service to all those you interact with. It affects how we treat our friends and family, how we walk down the street, how we make decisions. Everything we do on our mats has a ripple affect. We need to serve ourselves in order to serve others. With that being said, if you need to pick yourself up, you can also do so by serving others. There isn’t one right way to serve. It comes in all forms. Serving is a big part of the path to fulfilment.