With high demand for classes, we highly recommend booking in advance, up to two weeks. With this in mind, please note the following booking procedures to reserve your spot and avoid disappointment.


Bookings are open 14 days in advance for all classes, and can be made via the website, the One Hot App, or the Mindbody Online App.

-Maximum of 2 class bookings per day, per member. You may attend other classes pending availability on the day. One Hot reserves the right to remove you from the extra classes you book into.
-We have a $15 no-show & $7 late cancellation fee per class. Please early cancel your class at least 4 hours prior for Reformer & Mat class and 24 hours for Studio Pilates, to avoid the charges above.



We give everyone as much chance as possible to attend classes.

-If you are on the waitlist you can be added into a class at anytime of day, up to 30 minutes before the class starts. Once added, that space is yours. If you are opted into receive the waitlist notifications, you will receive an email or text, at which point you can confirm in or out of the class. If you don’t respond, we will presume you will be attending.
– If you late cancel out of a class, even if added in from the waitlist, within 4 hours, you will incur a $7 fee.
– If you know you definitely can’t or won’t want to attend a class if you are added in from a waitlist, at any time of the day/night, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid any penalty fees.


To keep on top of all your bookings, waitlists and cancellations, the system can send out text messages or emails of confirmations, and asking you to confirm your spot. Please respond to these as early as you can, and that you are responding to the write one if you are receiving multiple messages about multiple classes.
To receive these messages, please ensure you have opted in to receive all communication from us, you can do this in your Account Settings on the website. Let our automated system support you in reminding and letting you know the current status of your booking.

Head to our dropdown menu tab and enter MY ACCOUNT to update your settings.