Lucinda Mills

Lucinda completed her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2003, and has continued to teach, study and practice ever since. After the birth of her first child in 2012, she was drawn to Pilates to integrate and stabilise her body. She has completed the Basi Pilates Studio Course and Polestar Group Reformer Training.

She is forever grateful for the opportunity to open One and to promote and share Yoga and Pilates in the community.



Studio Manager

Passionate about health and well-being, Georgia was first introduced to the practice of yoga in 2015. Her love of dance, creativity and free movement assists her in curating classes which are both nourishing and dynamic, connecting movement with breath, in an effort to still the mind. Forever a student, she is in constant awe of the ever-changing nature of this practice, both on and off the mat.


Pilates Program Director

Tahlia has been instructing since 2012, originally gaining certification from STOTTS Pilates. Dedicated to the continual improvement of her craft, she now holds a Certificate 4 in Pilates, a Diploma in Clinical Pilates, and has become a leader in the Australian Pilates industry. Tahlia is a unique talent, with a capacity to energise and entertain while delivering highly intelligent and creative repetoire.


Alice’s love of movement began at only 3 years old starting with ballet and later contemporary dance. It was in her full-time dance training in 2009 that she was first introduced to Pilates and was quick to see the benefits with performance enhancement, injury prevention and general tone. Upon graduation, Alice continued her Pilates practice whilst maintaining a dance career in NZ and Australia for 4 years. In 2015 Alice moved to London, UK and began her STOTT Pilates teacher training, one of the most prestigious training courses in the world. Following her course completion she went straight into full-time teaching working in fitness Pilates and rehabilitation. She now returns back to Melbourne excited to train and sculpt new bodies. Coming from a very technical background Alice believes in moving well and having fun whilst doing it!


Kara’s interest in movement began with ballet as a child, which led her to complete her Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. She continues to work with contemporary choreographers while teaching Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Dance. Kara is a certified 500hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor (Universal Yoga & Vikasa), Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor (APPI), Counter Technique Teacher and Barre Instructor. She has taught in a variety of contexts nationally and internationally including South Africa, New Zealand and Thailand. Within her classes she’ll combine her love of technique and anatomy to encourage the release of unnecessary tension creating efficiency and space within your body, movement and breath.


Yoga first came to Rachel almost 20 years ago while travelling through India but it was not until 2013 that she developed a consistent daily practice, at a time she was feeling a disconnect with her identity and sense of self. Yoga was like a coming home or an awakening. It helped her to shut out the noise of a fast-paced social media obsessed world. It taught her to quiet the mind, the importance of breath and to look deep within. Rachel sees Yoga as her life support – as a vehicle to shift energy, to strengthen and soften herself far beyond the physical. Her classes contain energetic flowing sequences with an emphasis on shifting prana, unravelling the ties that hold us back and connecting to one’s inner spirit. Rachel looks forwards to sharing with her students the essence of the ancient wisdom teachings combined with dynamic vinyasa krama.


As an Exercise Physiologist, Liz has always loved physical rehabilitation and using exercise as medicine. However, after completing her 200hr YTT in 2019, her approach to the body shifted to include the holistic benefits of pranayama and meditation. Liz’s vinyasa classes create a sense of freedom in the body, flowing breath to movement, allowing students to step out of the analytic mind and into the body’s ebbs and flow. Liz believes that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and takes a light-hearted approach in and out of the studio. With fluid sequencing and anatomical alignment, her classes aim to safely balance both fire, and ease in the body.


Ghislain fell in love with yoga after the practice was recommended to her as a form of physical therapy while recovering from an accident. Before she knew it she was on a plane to Bali to complete her first training with Stefan Camilleri + Sara Zavik, she has since spent time deepening her practice and training in India, and most recently completed another 200hr training with Jessie Fenech. Ghislain fuses purposeful sequencing with an interwoven philosophical intention to allow students to find space and intention in their practice. She sees yoga as a space to disconnect from your external environments, calm your mind + connect inwards. She encourages everyone to relax, let go of expectations and comparisons, and become curious, kind observers of whatever we find. The aim is to connect with self.


Nicola’s love of Pilates comes from a background in movement, having danced from an early age across a wide variety of dance styles completing the RAD ballet syllabus to Grade 8. They graduated from Melbourne University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma of Music on double bass where they regularly performed with the Melbourne University Symphony Orchestra. Whilst working full-time in audit and completing their Chartered Accounting accreditation, Nicola found Pilates had a tremendous impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. With a strong desire to share their passion for the Pilates method and their exuberant nature with the broader community, Nicola completed a Diploma of Pilates Instruction with Pilates International Training Centre through National Pilates Training. Outside of Pilates, Nicola performs regularly as a double bassist, comedian, singer, actor and dancer.


Daisy has been teaching yoga since 2014 after completing her training in Rishikesh, India. Her goal is to find the balance between enjoying a challenge whist making yoga accesibleto everyone. As Daisy has travelled and lived around the world, yoga has been a constant home base in her life. Daisy strives to lead with kindness and understanding on and off the mat.


Rhianna has been an avid member of the fitness community for as long as she can remember and has been teaching in the industry for almost 10 years. A fascination with all things movement initially planted the seed which led to her completing her Pilates Certification with APPI in 2019. Immediately falling in love with both the mental and physical benefits of the Pilates practice, Rhianna has forged a very rewarding career where she now gets to mentor and welcome prospective new instructors in the industry. Rhianna holds ante/post-natal Pilates certification, clinical Pilates certification as well as Certificate IV in fitness and personal training. She loves teaching a challenging, full body class with lots of spinal movement and postural exercises to get her clients feeling strong and moving well.


Amelia’s first encounter with movement was within classical ballet at 2 years old. As her love for the body and being active grew, she decided to pursue a career in Classical Ballet. She has an extensive background practising Pilates and learning from leading health professionals within The Australian Ballet and The Australian Ballet School giving her an innate ability and keen eye for Pilates technique and practice. Amelia has recently completed her Diploma after studying for 1.5 years, and is keen to bring her individual knowledge to her sessions to create an uplifting, educational and inspiring environment for her clients.


Chelsea empowers her students to move, breath and live with compassion and intelligence. Her goal as a teacher is to give people the tools to de-stress their bodies and minds and to align with their Dharma (life’s work). Chelsea has been teaching for over 9 years; her classes are thoughtful, functional and inclusive. Chelsea not only teachers Asana (posture) but also Pranayama (breath), Meditation and Yogic Philosophy. Her style is practical to our modern lives and bodies.


I am a fitness instructor and I have 5 years of experience teaching TRX, Spinning, Aerobic & Body training. I was introduced to Pilates in 2019 & got my first pilates certification in Greece. The same year I moved from Greece to Melbourne & expanded my knowledge by getting my second certificate in Melbourne with One Hot. As Joseph said “change happens through movement & movement heals”, I agree and believe that people should always move their bodies in a way that makes them feel good. You may expect a challenging class with me. So get ready to sweat, a lot! But, don’t worry! I will be right next to you to encourage you and give you a modification that suits you the most!


Soolin’s classes provide a resistance training workout that will challenge the whole body, whilst focusing on maintaining smooth, sexy movements (yes, even during that last set of pulses!). Exercises are challenging but accessible and enhance strength, control, coordination and body awareness. With multiple Certificate IVs in Pilates, Fitness and Allied Health (Physiotherapy Stream), Soolin has strong foundations in anatomy and biomechanics. This is enhanced by a love of movement, which has been fostered by a dance background in classical, contemporary and jazz. Soolin is motivating and encouraging and loves to touch base with her clients to see how they are progressing.


A student of yoga since 2013, Annabelle believes fiercely in the importance of movement and meditation in daily life. Having recently completed her 200hr Vinyasa and 25hr Yin trainings, Annabelle is thrilled to begin her journey as a teacher at the studio she has been lucky enough to call home for the last two years. As an artist, the physical, spiritual and psychological support provided by a committed yoga practise inspires Annabelle to incorporate functional and balancing elements to her sequencing, while aiming to maintain a playful, diverting and nourishing energy throughout. Annabelle aims to bring her students a mat-sized moment of relief from their external environment, encouraging them to focus on a mindful physical enquiry throughout their practise.


As a Professional Dancer, Pilates and Fitness are a big part of Kiara’s repertoire. Kiara is very passionate about technique and building the correct foundations. Always placing the upmost importance on looking after the body. Kiara has trained some of Melbourne’s A-list celebrity’s and loves helping people feel strong and confident with movement. Kiara holds a Certificate in Mat & Reformer Pilates, Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and Bachelor of Business (Entertainment Management).


I first landed on the yoga mat over 12 years ago – dropping in and out of practice while finding my groove and learning to move intuitively throughout my late teens and early 20s. From flowing, to rowing, throwing, dancing (around my room) orrunning, movement has been my constant in a world of change – taking me out of my head, and into my body. I’vetried and taught many forms of movement, but whether in the class or taking the class – learning, doing and teaching are allpart of my practice. After completing my 200HR YTT in 2021, my triage of practice continues to take time, yet create space in my life – balancing a full-time job in Marketing with my work in the studio and safe-haven on the mat.


Kat has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years now and has a huge passion and knowledge in many aspects of the field. Falling in love with the practice of Pilates in 2003, it became her daily routine. Kat studied her Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science at RMIT, then continued on to completing her Masters of Nutrition at Deakin University. After a few years of working full time in the nutrition industry, developing food products and working for large corporations, she realised nothing lined with her values, so she started her own nutrition business. During this time, she completed her Pilates course with Polestar and later the Pre and Postnatal Course with APPI. She started teaching in 2017 as soon as she completed her course and has never looked back.


Daisy has always felt the importance of expression through movement, having trained as a dancer for most of her life. For her, yoga was a way to do this, away from the competitiveness of the industry. Daisy likes to encourage students to listen to their body and practice in a way that feels authentic to them, while ensuring that her classes are inclusive and accessible to all. Her influence from dance means her sequences are playful, creative and dynamic.


Kristian is a passionate movement practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and over a decade of professional dance experience. Kristian adores sharing the beauty, wonderment and vastness of these ancient teachings alongside the experiential wisdom of modern day movement culture. Kristian’s classes involve unique and engaging sequences to unlock the potential of your body, as well as well thought out philosophical underpinnings to bring you home to a deeper and more intimate state of connection with your Self.


Michelle discovered her love for pilates after a series of back injuries from high impact gym classes, which left her unable to move without pain. Discovering this new passion after recommendation from her physio, Michelle loves that pilates allows her to take a challenging workout without exerting unnecessary stress on the body. Holding a Breathe Certificate in Pilates and a Certificate IV in Fitness and Personal Training, her classes will get your heart rate up and your glutes, abs and arms burning. Michelle will motivate you with her energy and leave you feeling strong and empowered with your body and your practice.


Merran was introduced to yoga by her father at a young age and, as a dancer since the age of 4, was immediately hooked. Her love for movement drove her to become qualified in both Reformer and mat Pilates and barre, alongside her dancing and dance teaching commitments. Merran is a qualified Nutritionist, graduating with a Masters degree from Deakin University in 2015. Since then, she has balanced her teaching roles alongside working as a Secondary teacher in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.


Jess found yoga over 10 years ago and initially enjoyed the physical challenge of the practice. Over time, he found that while he still enjoys the physical side of the practice, it was the mental and spiritual aspects that kept him coming back. He has been practicing ever since. Jess has just finished his 200 hour teacher training with One Hot Yoga. Now keen to start sharing and applying what he has learned through experience and his recent training, expect his flows to be strong, dynamic, and fun with keen attention to moving with the breath.


I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over 15 years. Originally studying Iyengar in Melbourne, I then decided to spend most of my 20s with a map and an insatiable curiosity for travel and the world.. Soon I was learning Vinyasa in South America, and did a range of Teacher Training in Venice Beach, California. The last few years I was immersed in meditation techniques such as zen and dynamic. I now love slower yoga practices such as Nidra and yin yoga and have done extensive workshops on nervous system regulation, pranayama and understanding our trauma responses. After 7 years in Byron, I’ve come home to Melbourne. It’s great to be back.


Eliza has an immense passion for fostering and nurturing body and mind awareness, self-empowerment and positivity in others; believing these factors are the foundation to overall good mental and physical health. She takes great pleasure in helping individuals gain confidence and achieve results by pushing their physical limits in her classes. Eliza holds a Breathe Certificate in Pilates, a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training and a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance and has been a pilates instructor for over 8 years, all spent with One – it’s her second home! Additionally, Eliza holds several University qualifications and has a PhD in Nutrition. Outside of teaching pilates Eliza works full time in clinical research including critical care nutrition and critical care rehabilitation.


Since a young age Paul has been attracted to mindful movement practices founded in functionality. In
his youth he competed nationally in Judo and later went on to study several forms of traditional Chinese Gung Fu. The parallels between martial arts, Yoga and Pilates were immediately clear to him. Paul has a personal Yoga practice that spans two decades and has recently completed his Pilates teacher training with One Hot in Melbourne. He has a particular interest in longevity science and considers mindful movement practice to be essential at all stages of life. He offers a deliberate paced class with smooth transitions, extended holds and a focus on gently encouraging students to discover strength within themselves and their practice. Expect to be invited to find your edge, wherever that might be today.


Emma arrived at Pilates by way of Jazz Ballet in her late teens. Fifteen years later, the blend of purposeful movement, stability and strength kept her coming back for more, and led to teacher training through One Hot. Having practiced Pilates alongside many other forms of movement – including during periods of injury, Emma is an advocate for the complementary nature of Pilates and its ability to increase body awareness, strength and motor skills that are valuable both in and out of the studio. As a teacher, her particular interest is in creating flowing classes that move our bodies in all directions, offering layers and props to motivate each person to find their personal challenge and confidence to progress.



Studio Manager

Erica started practicing hot yoga religiously in 2010 after having moved back to Sydney from London. Her practice became a safe place & was perfect for a self reflective introvert. She completed her teacher training with BodyMindLife & is continually in awe of how yoga assists with managing & releasing the stresses of everyday life stored in the body and mind.


Yoga Program Director

Kaitlin is passionate about all types of movement modalities, but her love affair with yoga is the longest standing. Having been first a student of One, then teacher and now Program Director she is proud to call the studio home. She is influenced by over 1000 hours of training with globally recognised teachers such as Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter, Patrick Beach, Noelle Connolly & Duncan Parviainen. Her sequences have strong alignment focus and offer creative progressions and regressions to suit all students. Her aim is to help people cultivate greater body awareness through the physical practice supported by a carefully curated playlist and a sprinkle of Yoga Philosophy.


Hayley first discovered Pilates in 2008 whilst rehabbing a broken back. She was so fascinated at how the body could re learn movements and how her mind had a lot of power over this. She continued her practice of Pilates for 3 years everyday and then decided to complete her training through national Pilates training in Melbourne. Hayley’s style of classes have an element of strength but also the emphasis of mindful movement and checking in with ones self through each class. Taking our movements to a challenging place so we can become the best versions of ourselves.


Bec’s love for yoga began ten years ago when she stumbled into her first hot yoga class. The combination of movement, heat, breath and mind, body connection had her hooked from the start. Coming from a background in dance you can expect a strong focus on alignment in her class, as well as groovy tunes and slow, mindful moves. She joyfully completed her teacher training at One Hot Yoga and is excited to continue developing as a student as well as a teacher. She also loves chocolate.


Zsa Zsa is an experienced yoga teacher and accredited nutritionist who has a keen interest in anatomy. She undertook her 200HR TT with Byron Yoga Centre, and her 300HR certificate in India, and began teaching in 2015. Drawn to the therapeutic benefits of yoga, Zsa Zsa encourages students to connect to themselves, so that they practise safely and with longevity, moving beyond their perceived limitations.


Ali has always been a fan of Pilates and loves the way it helps with all aspects of pain, mentality, rehabilitation, sculpturing and strength. A keen sports enthusiast her whole life, Ali represented the United Kingdom in Trampolining at the age of 16 and at then at the age of 22, became the National Champion for indoor rowing and won bronze in a 4+ boat at the National Rowing Championships!


Born and raised at One Hot Yoga, Camille was hooked on the practice from her first class at our Potts Point studio and she never looked back. As a teacher, she strives to create an environment for students to feel safe to explore past their perceived limitations.Through alignment of the breath and body, Camille’s intention is to guide students to cultivate a sense of awareness enabling a deeper connection to themselves by the end of the practice. Her teaching style is nurturing, calm & grounding, with a balance of strength and flexibility.


Laura has been working in the Fitness Industry for over 7 years. Starting out as a personal trainer and then continuing on her education into Mat Pilates and then Full Studio Qualification through Polestar Australia. Laura started her Pilates practise when she was 11 years old in order to help with her scoliosis. From there the passion of Pilates and the benefits it gave led into her career. Laura has a passion for helping people feel stronger and lengthened whilst teaching them about the importance of movement. She has had a wide range of clients from rehabilitation, athletes, pre and post natal and everyday clients. Laura loves working closely with her clients, working with their goals and enjoying every session with them.


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and the daughter of a yoga teacher, Roxanne fostered a deep love of movement at an early age. Having trained in both ballet and contemporary, and later Flamenco dance styles, and subsequently performing internationally, her fascination with the transformative and healing nature of movement eventually led her back to her roots and thus she completed her formal yoga teacher qualification in 2017. Since then, Roxanne has enjoyed an international career teaching yoga full time and has completed over 1000 hours of formal movement training including such styles as Hatha, Yin yoga, and Mat Pilates. Roxanne teaches a strong, dynamic class with emphasis on breath awareness and attention to detail and alignment, thus instilling a sense of empowerment in her students’ and ensuring that they have a well-grounded understanding of the spirit of yoga.


Tanya believes that yoga is the beauty of living with awareness. Her classes are a place to practice presence. To come back to your centre and learn more about yourself thought movement, breath and stillness. She hopes that her work encourages you to exercise your whole being towards openness and a greater sensitivity and receptivity in your relationship with yourself and all living things. Together the philosophy of yoga & rich cycle’s of nature continue to sculpt Tanya’s interactions with the world. She teaches from a place of wanting to empower others with these transformative tools. Distilling the rich yogic teachings into relatable topics and offering you the the tools to foster your own daily practice for mindfulness and transformation. Through the study & practice of yoga, movement and spirituality Tanya has felt a shifts towards balanced living, deep healing, and inner-radiance.
“Who I am is integral to what I teach. I teach from personal experience. From a life of living my yoga & then sharing these experience’s with you with love.”


Introduced to the Pilates reformer over 10 years ago, Ivan found in the practice something more than a simple exercise. Through Pilates, Ivan discovered a deep connection, control, and better understanding of his body in every single movement. Since joining the fitness industry in 2013, Ivan has attained a Certificate 3, Certificate 4 and Diploma of Fitness (injury prevention, injury management and exercise prescription for special populations). He has since been professionally trained in The Pilates Method by Studio Pilates International and Breath Education Cert IV Mat and Reformer Repertoire. Ivan’s classes are dynamic and unique each week, exploring different movements, specially tailored for individual needs, even in a group setting.


Dom is a long time Pilates lover and has over five years teaching experience. With a background in personal training, she is qualified in reformer, mat, studio equipment as well as pre/post natal. Dom loves to deliver challenging and interesting workouts catering for a wide range of abilities and bodies. She has a strong focus on form and providing a style of exercise that is enjoyable and fun.


Coming from a very athletic background growing up, Erin has always loved all things movement and fell in with a Pilates and yoga practice over 10 years ago. She loves that it’s so much more than just the physical aspect – it’s the connection between the breathe, movement and is so powerful for the mind. Erin truly believes it helps with all aspects of life and wanted to pass that onto others by becoming a teacher.
Her teaching style has a strong sense of flow with lots of layering using a creative, progressive take on the classic Pilates repertoire- she loves to make it dynamic, challenging, lengthening, fun & with a strong focus on form & good tunes!  Erin love to work with all ages, abilities , genders and body types to make everybody feel supported, strong and empowered.


Bianca is an internationally trained & passionate Pilates instructor who is enthusiastic about helping her clients achieve their goals and explore their love of movement. She has recently moved back to Australia from Finland, where she was instructing at the prestigious ‘BAY HELSINKI’ the premier Pilates, yoga & barre studio in Finland. She completed her full and comprehensive Studio, Reformer & Mat certification with BASI Pilates in Europe. Bianca is energetic and welcoming and likes to bring fun flowing styles to her classes, with a strong focus on technique and feeling the burn! With a strong background in Pilates & dance and over 20 years life experience in this field, she brings her own joy and appreciation to her practice.


Jane is a qualified Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor. Jane has 4 years experience in Pilates and is passionate about a healthy core and a healthy mind! She is always pushing her clients to reach their potential inside and outside the studio.


Originally from Canada, Sam moved to Bondi in 2014. What started on the mat over a decade ago, has transformed into life. Yoga has taught her how to live, to be truly alive, how to be compassionate, kind, disciplined, soft, and inspired. Sam has studied with Power Living, BodyMindLife, & Brad Hay and is currently completing her 500 hours with Yoga Medicine. Expect a strong, slow, and intelligent sequence to take you deep into your practice.


Jill is one of our homegrown mat and reformer Pilates instructors, having completed the One Hot Yoga teacher training program in our Sydney studio a few years ago. Other than her love of teaching Pilates, Jill teaches spin and is a restructuring and insolvency lawyer on the side!


Mateja started practicing Pilates in 2015 and instantly fell in love. What was initially a personal obsession quickly transpired into a new career path. She is known for creating clever, considered & challenging sequencing while strongly focusing on form and alignment.


Eloise fell in love with Pilates when she moved to the Sydney sunshine from London and subsequently developed a new appreciation for different ways of moving the body. Taking up Pilates, educated her that exercise can come from a place of love and is not only something that inflicts pain. She was hooked! Alongside her full time job in Finance, Eloise has been teaching Reformer Pilates for the past 2 years. She aims to empower her clients to feel their best, both mentally and physically.


Nicole’s love for movement began with ballet at a very young age and was reignited when she found yoga and Pilates in her early 20s. After 7 years of relying on the benefits of a daily yoga and Pilates practice whilst working as a corporate lawyer, she decided to turn it into a career. Nicole’s teaching style is challenging but supportive to cater to individual clients’ needs and goals for their practice.


Maxie was introduced to yoga by her mum as a teenager and has practiced ever since. She was a student at One before doing her 200hr Yoga Teaching Training at the studio in February 2022, with an intent to deepen her practice and learn about yoga as more than the physical. She cherishes yoga as something deeply personal you can connect to wherever you go, and simultaneously something synonymous with community you can connect to wherever you practice. Sharing this connection to self and to community is at the heart of her passion as a teacher.