Corina Chalkiadaki: My Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Little Word from our Sydney Studio Manager, Janet:

I’ve been off my flow lately, so from a personal perspective I like to evaluate: What stops our flow? What stops our connection to our highest self?

For me it’s usually social media, over analysing the future, or craving the past. Social media is a very tangible distraction I notice when I’m trying to work or be productive. It’s always there, interrupting what I’m doing and it lingers. It’s not just the moment that you’re on it, but it tends to pop up in the mind then more often. When I give myself a little detox, I find myself in more of a flow than normal. And to be honest, with trying to over plan the future and also wanting the past these are very tricky things that I have not mastered. The more I practice presence, the more I can let things go. Activities for me are really important ways to be present. Yes, doing yoga, but also other things: reading a good book, cooking a new recipe, cleaning my room if you can believe that! Being in the flow is a real gift. And to know exactly what you need to be present and in flow is half the battle.

There are many definitions of yoga. One is union. During the teacher training I was recently on, Carlos Pomeda said he didn’t like that definition because it implies that our mind/body/spirit are separate and that our practice bring us together. In reality, we are already connected. Our mind is ALWAYS connected to our body. We just aren’t aware of it. So if we can develop awareness and develop presence, we can see clearly the union and fluidity that already exists within us. We do this through practice. So do things this week that allow you to be present.