THEME OF THE WEEK: ASTEYA (non-stealing)

Not stealing seems like a pretty standard thing to ask of ourselves. This is a common commandment of most cultures and religions. Generally we think of stealing physical items. The practice of Asteya goes beyond this. In yoga we believe that everything we need will be provided to us at the right time. You might not believe you have everything you need right in this moment. In reality, you do have what you need and need to discover it or you are given the opportunity to build the capabilities you need in achieving those needs/wants. Asteya is really a practice of contentment and selflessness. In terms of relating this to your yoga practice, notice the moments in class when you might disrupt others. Even if it’s not on purpose, notice if your breath is really aggressive or you arrive late to class, this are examples of stealing energy or time. A consistent practice of yoga teaches us discipline and respect, all of which contribute to living in alignment with Asteya.