We caught up with Helen Van, founder of activewear brand aim’n.

Who founded the label and why?

Founders of AIM´N: Helen Van and Tekla Acs (two small town girls from southern Sweden)

“aim’n was created when we got tired of wearing dull and uninspiring sportswear while doing the activities we love: surfing, kitesurfing, yoga, running and good old gym workout. When we told people about our dream they were laughing at us, but here we are! Confident and determined to boost and motivate ourselves and others by happy colors, up-to-date design and prints inspired by nature and things we like.”

What is your brand story, what defines “aim’n”?

aim´n comes from the word aim. We wanted to create a brand that inspired others to feel confident and believe in themselves while they do the things they love. Our motto has always been “aim high, dream big” so aim’n (slang for aiming) felt spot on.

What inspires and fuels the creation of the label?

We aim to inspire and motivate you to your active lifestyle and to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Where are you headed? What are you excited about in the future?

At this stage we are working on our new collection, so excited! 2017 will be the year where we aim to expand our brand to more countries!