One Hot Teacher Series: PETRA MANGOS

Petra, yoga teacher in South Yarra

What is your hometown?
I was born in the Ore Mountains, in a little town called Rotava, The Czech Republic.

Where did you complete your teacher training?
I completed my first classical Hatha yoga and Ayurvedic teacher training on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand & my advanced Hatha/Vinyasa training with Zuna Yoga in Ubud, Indonesia.

What are three words that describe your teaching style?
Playful, energetic & empowering

What is the #1 thing you love about yoga?
I love how yoga helps us connect. Not just with ourselves, but also with others. As a yoga teacher and a human being, I really value the word connection, because it gives my life, my work and my practice depth and purpose. I’ve come to realise that my ability to facilitate this connection on the mat, between my breath, my body and my mind, leads to a greater connection off the mat, with my partner, friends, family, strangers and even my environment.

If you had to pick, what’s your favourite pose and why?!
It would probably have to be the king of all asanas, Sirsasana, headstand. For me, personally, this asana is about building your intuition and learning how to maintain a sense of trust and control within yourself.

Who are you inspired by?
People in general. I’m inspired by random acts of kindness with no expectation of reward. I’m inspired by people pushing beyond their comfort zone, because it’s much easier to remain within boundaries of where you feel comfortable, than it is to face the fear of venturing beyond them. I feel inspired & motivated every time I see someone coming out of their shell.

Favourite line from a movie?
” We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion seperated us, politics devided us, and wealth classified us. ” – V for Vendetta

How do you like to “treat yo self?”
I LOVE going away for the weekend and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Sleeping in & late check outs are the best! ?