Continuing our series on homegrown activewear brands that are making waves globally, we hope you enjoy this Q&A with Vera Yan, co-founder of one of our favourite brands, Nimble.

Who founded the label and why?

Katia and I founded the label together – the idea for the label actually grew from our own frustrations as consumers. We were finding that the activewear options available to us fell between high end names that cost a small fortune, budget options that lacked the functionality we required of workout clothing and high tech brands that were missing a feminine aesthetic / edge.

There was a real gap in the market for chic and sophisticated women’s activewear that was not only truly accessible but that also offered the performance qualities that you need while getting your sweat on. It was from this realisation that the idea for Nimble Activewear grew as we set out to create the pieces that we, as consumers, were looking for.

What is your brand story, what defines “Nimble Activewear”?

The brand has grown to be very much a product of its surroundings in the health-conscious epicentre of Bondi Beach, leading to the opening of our flagship store at 49 Hall Street, Bondi Beach in February 2016.

Each piece from the Nimble Activewear performance range features our signature light-weight compression fabric teamed with flattering prints and use of panelling to deliver the feminine, high-end aesthetic loved by our customers.

What inspires and fuels the creation of the label?

Being based in Bondi Beach has a huge impact on both of us, our team and, of course, on the label.

There is something about being close to the surf, sand and salty air that just makes you want to get outside – every morning there are hundreds of people on and around Bondi Beach doing all forms of exercise from yoga to bootcamps to ocean swimming and surfing.

Our range is made with this in mind and has been designed for the entire spectrum of workouts on offer today – from high-intensity interval training to yoga and everything in between – so you don’t need different outfits for different activities.

Our crop tops have also been designed to double as swimwear and are perfect for that post run swim or even for a top that stays in place while you are out there in the surf!

Where are you designed and manufactured?

Nimble Activewear is designed in Bondi Beach and all of our products are lovingly made in Australia. As a proudly 100% Australian made brand, you also know that you are supporting local industry with each Nimble Activewear piece that you own.

As the entire design and production process happens right here in Sydney, we work closely with everyone through each step of the production process to make sure that each garment fits like a glove, is super comfortable and importantly, functions as it is supposed to.

Tell us about your fabrics – which would be best for super sweaty hot yoga?

We work closely with one of the best technical mills in the world to develop each of our performance fabrics.

To be honest, all of our tights are perfect for super sweaty yoga – the sweatier the better! What sets us apart from many of the other activewear labels on the market is our silky smooth light-weight compression fabric. Not only is this lighter weight fabric perfect for hot and humid climates (and sweaty yoga classes!) as it is extremely breathable but it also has a very high Lycra content meaning that it has superior stretch to glide with you through the toughest of poses!

Where is the label headed, what are you excited about in the near future and longer term?

We are currently expanding our range to incorporate a growing lifestyle range for transitioning from your workout to your everyday. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline both domestically and over in the US so stay tuned!

What makes Australia special?

Australians are known for our love of sport and the outdoors so it is no surprise that internationally, Australian Activewear brands are regarded as some of the best – we love that there are so many amazing activewear labels coming out of Australia and that we are all constantly pushing each other to keep developing and improving.

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