Yoga Sutra 1.2 ~ Yoga chitta vritti nirodha
Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind

The word stillness comes from the Middle English word stillness via the Old English stilnes, ‘meaning silence, absence of noise or disturbance, tranquillity, quietness and absence of movement.

“Once you know yourself in your living stillness there is nothing in this world that is greater than you.”
Serge Benhayon

When we hear the word “stillness” we immediately think of it as the opposite of movement – but stillness is something quite different altogether. Stillness is an energetic quality of being. It is naturally present in the heart of every human being. Stillness is a choice. It can be felt by living in a state of presence where we remain connected to ourselves and are completely present in our body. We are at one with everything, and everyone in all that we do. Life flows with a simple rhythm – the rhythm of our stillness.

17 Jun 16


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27 Jun 16

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