Theme of the Week: Satiation

From the Latin root “satis” meaning “enough”, satiation is the state of having a specific need, such as hunger or thirst, fulfilled. For our month of Nourishment, we need to cultivate the ability to recognise satiation in all aspects of our lives: when is enough, enough?

The satiety centre in animals is in the hypothalamus and is regulated via a complex interplay of the endocrine and nervous systems. We can train our selves to recognise and respond to satiety signals when eating, which raises an interesting idea – can we also sensitise ourselves to satiety in other aspects that drive us, such as movement, meaning, relationships, breath, beauty, wonder, excitement, and so on? Bring this question to the mat, and broaden your awareness of nourishment and our understanding of “enoughness”.

07 Apr 16

April Theme: Nourishment

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22 Apr 16

Theme of the Week: Svadhyaya (Self-Study)

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