Last week our theme was commitment. For any goal or resolution, Tapas is a key ingredient. Tapas translates to heat or to burn. While we practice non-attachment and contentment in yoga, we are not directionless. Tapas is the internal fire and passion, or emotional heat that drives us in a certain direction. It is often what keeps us excited about progressing down the yogic path.

Just as we all come to the mat with different goals and resolutions, we all find our spark through different means. Sometimes it’s listening to a song with an emotional crescendo. It might be through reading an inspirational book. Possibly just time alone cooking, meditation, or reflecting. You might draw energy from your interactions with others.

The reason we have a studio is to uplift and encourage each other in our practice. Because we have such a profound shared experience, this can often spark amazing conversation. These conversations (with actual humans!) can in return ignite our inner fire and propel us forward. Where do you get your fire/passion/energy from?