One caught up with co-founder of Talbot Avenue, the lovely Amira Jacobson to learn more about the genesis of this Australian Athleisure label …

Who founded the label and why?

Talbot Avenue was launched by myself and my business partner and dear friend, Kim Stub back in 2014.  We first met as housemates over 5 years ago, and it didn’t take me long to realise she was the yin to my yang.  Funnily enough a year or so after moving in together, we ended up working side by side in another fashion house.  After years of living, working, playing and travelling together we saw an opportunity to enter the burgeoning activewear market.  We worked behind the scenes for about two years sourcing and developing, it was vital to us to only source the highest quality fabrics with the best performance qualities, so we left no stone unturned.  Now in the midst of developing our third collection, we can’t believe how far the brand has come since its inception.  We are fortunate to come from over 15 years collective experience in the fashion industry, which meant we were able to hit the ground running, but everyday we’re still overwhelmed with the amazing response we’ve had to the brand.

Who is the creative behind the label?

Both Kim and I act as the creative directors of the brand.  Whilst Kim’s focus is on sales and business development, and my skillset lies more in design and marketing, when it comes to the direction and vision for each collection, and Talbot’s overall aesthetic, we are both very much involved.  One of our favourite places to be is sprawled out over the office floor, sitting in a mess of swatches and moodboard (with a glass of rose in hand naturally).

What inspires and fuels the creation of Talbot Avenue?

What first inspired and continues to inspire our brand, Talbot Avenue, most certainly was derived from within ourselves and our stage of life.  Five years ago you would never have caught either of us wearing activewear anywhere outside of a strictly-exercise scenario.  We were not the type of ladies to be hanging around all day in our activewear before showering!  In our early 20’s we were definitely more fashion over comfort kinda gals.  However, as we got older and our lives became more demanding and more time-poor we found ourselves getting lazier with our “dress codes” and our focus became more on comfort and functionality, but at the end of the day, we’ve always loved fashion and always will, so we didn’t want to lose our style.  Whilst we both live and breathe health and fitness (you’ll most likely find us on the yoga mat almost everyday of the week) and we do a lot of our meetings walking along the beach near our office, we’re not hard-core fitness fanatics (in fact, come 5pm on Friday, you’ll be sure to find us at our local wine bar debriefing the week just been).  You’ll also never catch us in very bright loud prints and neon-heavy activewear.  Hence, why Talbot Avenue was born.  We saw a gap in the market to bring a fresh, muted, yet ever so stylish and luxe collection of activewear that is designed not just for the avid fit-girl, but also the mama on her school run, the ladies who lunch and everyone in between.  To be a Talbot Avenue woman, we don’t care if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym, a lot of our customers are coming to us for their everyday street style looks (and if you asked some of them, they would have no idea what a downward dog even is).  We’re really excited about our next collection, in which we’ve pulled inspiration from some amazing geometric artwork we fell in love with…so watch this space!

Where are you based?

We’re based in Melbourne!  Our warm and lovely office is located in our favourite suburb, Elwood, which means that our lucky TA team gets to be close to the beach and even better than that, around the corner from our hands-down favourite café, Combi, on Ormond Rd.

Tell us about your fabrics – which would be the best for super sweaty hot yoga?

As I mentioned earlier, we spent years sourcing and developing our fabrics.  And we’re so lucky to work very closely with our supplier to ensure we’re forever staying ahead of the pack in terms of new fabrics and advancements in the performance capabilities of sportswear.  So in saying that, all of our fabrics are designed for every type of exercise.  They’ve all got four way stretch, moisture-wicking capabilities, they’re anti-microbial and they’re super durable.  So really…take your pick!  One of my personal favourites from the latest season would have to be our Naava Leggings and matching Trelle Crop Top.  Although, I’m also mildly obsessed with all our heathered grey pieces – our Volta Leggings in grey feel like you’re wearing silk!

Where is the label headed, what are you excited about in the near future and longer term?

We have so many exciting things happening in the pipelines right now.  One of which is we’re heading over to New York in September to show at Capsule Show during Fashion Week.  The US is a huge market for us, and it’s something we’ve been massaging out for a while, so we’re really pumped to get over there and put Talbot on the map internationally.  Not to mention, we’ve expanded our international wholesale portfolio, we’re now stocked in the USA, UK and Europe, so continuing to grow our international partnerships is a big focus for us.

What makes Australia special?

This is such a great question because Kim and I actually always chat about this.  When we’re looking about where to put the Talbot footprint both nationally and internationally, it is paramount to us that none of our strategies detract or take away from our Australian footprint.  Our Australian Talbot babes are the most amazing customers.  Not only is our style on point (I’ve always thought Australians are some of the best dressed women in the world), we’re also open to new trends and new experiences in the industry.  We’ve adopted the activewear movement and made it our own, a lot of the best activewear brands that are found internationally were born out of Australia.  Is it too corny to finish with, we’ll always call Australia home?


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