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All The Attention.

Please find our relaunch pricing below. We love Pilates, and we think you will too. Previously, Studio Pilates has been prohibitively expensive. We have designed our offer to make this method more accessible. However, quality teaching delivered to small groups or one-to-one will always be more expensive than a group class, and these prices will rise in the future.  We highly recommend you secure our foundation membership price while it lasts!

We would love to discuss your requirements to help you choose the best package for you. Call us on 0409 103 674 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or email us any time.

Studio Pilates Pricing (Potts Point Only)

PRIVATE ONBOARDING Intro Offer (currently unavailable during COVID-19 restrictions)
30 minute Initial Consultation PLUS 3 x 1:3 Studio Session PLUS unlimited Reformer and Mat for 21 Days
Studio Pilates Private Onboarding Best Value for New Clients $150
60 minute 1:1 session including postural analysis
Essential for all new clients
1:1 Initial Consultation One Hot Member $75
1:1 Initial Consultation Non-Member $110
60 minute 1:1 session
1:1 One Hot Yoga & Pilates Member $75
1:1 Non-Member $110
10 Pack 1:1 One Hot Yoga & Pilates Member* $700 ($70 per class)
10 Pack 1:1 Non-Member* $950 ($95 per class)
1:3 Pilates Studio Sessions
Casual 1:3 Class One Hot Yoga & Pilates Members $50
Casual 1:3 Class Non-Members $55
10 Pack 1:3 Class One Hot Yoga & Pilates Members* $400 ($40 per class)
10 Pack 1:3 Class Non-Members* $450 ($45 per class)
Attend up to 3 Small Group Classes per week, plus unlimited Group Reformer and all Yoga and Mat Pilates Classes.
Debited Fortnightly
One Hot Studio Pilates 2 x Small Group Per Week $75 per week ($37.5 per 1:3 session, all other classes complimentary)
One Hot Studio Pilates 3 x Small Group Per Week $105 per week ($35 per 1:3 session, all other classes complimentary)

Minimum term of 8 weeks. Membership can be cancelled at any time after the minimum term via email. Can be paused, after the minimum 8 week term is served, at any time for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 6 weeks via email. For for full terms and conditions please consult our T&C’s document.

* 10 packs valid for 6 months. No refunds, transfers or extensions. Cannot be shared.
+ Available to any current members of One Hot Yoga & Pilates including upfront and auto-debit memberships