B.K.S. Iyengar said, “The body is your temple. Keep it clean and pure for the soul to reside in.”

This week’s theme is Saucha which means cleanliness and purity. The entire yoga experience teaches us to show up in all aspects of our life. It can be as simple as keeping your physical space clean, in the form of wiping your mat and putting your blocks back. Or using the asana (yoga poses) and heat from the room to detox and cleanse the physical body. Likewise, we use yoga to empty the mind of thoughts that hold us back and keep us from being our most positive selves. Notice your internal dialogue on the mat this week. Is it pure? Is it supportive? It’s normal for that dialogue to be rusty here and there. That’s only human. It doesn’t matter how many times you have start over. Do the best you can. That’s why it’s called a practice.