Owner & Director

Lucinda studied Fine Art, then created music in the outdoor party scene of the 90s, but from her first class, she knew that yoga provided the kind of connected creativity she craved. She completed the first of many Yoga and Pilates Teacher Trainings in 2003, and has continued to teach, study and practice ever since. She is forever grateful for the opportunity to create One and to promote and share Yoga and Pilates in the community.

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Pilates Program Director

Tahlia has been instructing since 2012, originally gaining certification from STOTTS Pilates. Dedicated to the continual improvement of her craft, she now holds a Certificate 4 in Pilates, a Diploma in Clinical Pilates, and has become a leader in the Australian Pilates industry. Tahlia is a unique talent, with a capacity to energise and entertain while delivering highly intelligent and creative repetoire.

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Potts Point Studio Pilates Manager

Coming from a dance background, Anna joined One Hot Yoga and Pilates in 2017 bringing 15+ year’s experience of teaching. Originally assisting physiotherapists training clients through their rehabilitation programs, Anna then completed her full Machine and Matwork Stott Certification in 2003. Her natural love of working with people and extensive knowledge of human movement and body sculpting has made her an irreplaceable asset to the team. Famous for her energetic #assbyanna #absbyanna classes, you are guaranteed results with Anna.

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South Yarra Studio Manager

Exploring and playing with human movement has always been a means of expression and a huge part of Annabel’s life. From team sports, to dance, to being outdoors, movement has always been Annabel’s way to release and set herself free. She has completed a Bachelor or Arts and Contemporary Dance, Cert III and IV Group Fitness Instructor and a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. Teaching dance, group fitness and yoga brings a diversity to her classes and an inclusive space for everyone to practice.

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Communications Manager, Yoga Teacher

Kaitlin’s earliest memories involve movement. Having slipped on her first pair of dance shoes at age 3 and transitioning to the musical theatre scene by 11, Kaitlin was introduced to hot yoga a few years later. With 500 hours of certified training Kaitlin’s classes have a strong alignment focus paired with creative sequencing and a carefully curated soundtrack. Her aim is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for her students to grow and explore their potential. When not on her yoga mat, Kaitlin can be found drinking coffee, eating avocado’s and snuggling her puppy, Gus.

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National Client Care Manager, Yoga Teacher

Sarah moved from England to Melbourne 2 years ago and immediately felt a connection to the One community and space. Sarah became our National Client Care Manager in June 2019 and within months, Sarah knew it was the perfect time and place to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with One.

With an open heart, Sarah’s aim as both Client Care and teacher, is to provide a fun space for students to be engaged and curious, and to feel safe and supported so they can explore what can be achieved with their body and mind.


Meet and get to know our skilled and fun loving Sydney Pilates and Yoga teachers.


Originally from Cape Town, Shannon is a Basi trained Pilates instructor living in Sydney with a strong belief and love for the science of human movement. With such passion, Shan embraces health and wellbeing in her practice and teaching. Shan has also completed her Yoga training and several specialised yoga courses, and has a passion for Prenatal Pilates. Shan loves helping others find their potential by balancing mind and body through the flow of movement.


Molly is a Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor from America. She loves baking, running and staying active in different ways. Molly’s classes use her background in different styles of training, to give you the most effective (and fun) workout possible. Get ready for some tunes, some laughs and a serious burn.


Catherine found Pilates at the age of 17 and instantly fell in love. Movement became interesting and purposeful not just for the body but also for the mind. Catherine trained with the Australian Pilates Academy on the Gold Coast and began studying Physiotherapy. Fast forward to now and her passion for Pilates is stronger than ever. Catherine loves helping others become healthy and strong in a fun and encouraging environment.


A qualified Stott Pilates instructor embraces all things health and wellbeing. As well as being qualified in both Mat and Reformer Pilates Sorcha has completed a Cert IV in Sports and Fitness and is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Her teaching style is fun, dynamic, challenging and energetic. With the addition of fast flows as well as a focus on precision and technique you can expect to break a sweat!! Sorcha’s approach is all about the feel good factor, building strength both mentally and physically and having fun along the way.


A big lover of all things movement, Rachel was introduced to pilates after discovering a greater need for strength and control in her personal yoga practice. She soon fell in love with the yoga and pilates combination, and the benefits the two practices had on the body in building flexibility, alignment and strength.

Rachel has completed her 200hr YTT in India and her STOTT Pilates Intensive and Advanced reformer training in Sydney. She has been teaching pilates ever since. Rachel’s pilates reformer classes offer a full body work out that aim to challenge the body, and help improve strength, control and full body awareness. Rachel’s bubbly personality make her classes fun and creative.


Roisin has been working in the Fitness Industry over the past 12 years. Originally from Dublin Ireland, Roisin started her fitness career as a Personal Trainer and Studio Fitness Instructor. With a background in dance and sports she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport & Exercise through University College Dublin. She then completed her Pilates training through STOTT, where she studied her full Matwork, Reformer and Studio Pilates. Roisin’s has travelled the world with her teachings, working with a wide range of clients, from rehabilitation, pre & post natal, professional athletes, business executives and everyday fitness enthusiasts. Roisin is a passionate teacher and strives to bring a high energy, fun workout for all.


Nikita’s love of movement began at an early age growing up as a dancer & performer. Best known for her enthusiastic positive nature, she’s passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. Entering the fitness industry in 2009, Nikita has more than 10 years of experience specialising in both pilates & functional training. Nikita believes in living a balanced life & encourages you to move your bodies in way that makes you feel good. By doing so she guarantees long lasting achievable results. Expect to leave her classes feeling challenged (yes, you’ll feel the burn!) & motivated to be the best version of yourself.


Jay discovered yoga from a young age and the practice has completely transformed her body, mind and soul. Jay has been teaching yoga for 3 years after training with Power Living Australia.
Working full-time in the arts/entertainment industry, Jay believes that movement and music are a fundamental part of life and loves to share her passion by curating powerful and modern soundtracks as a backdrop for all of her classes.


Bec’s love for yoga began ten years ago when she stumbled into her first hot yoga class. The combination of movement, heat, breath and mind, body connection had her hooked from the start. Coming from a background in dance you can expect a strong focus on alignment in her class, as well as groovy tunes and slow, mindful moves.

She joyfully completed her teacher training at One Hot Yoga and is excited to continue developing as a student as well as a teacher. She also loves chocolate.


Lara loves to create purposeful sequences that get you into your body and out of your mind. She believes that mindful movement is a way to connect, to enquire, to be inspired about who we really are away from the noise and to realise what we are capable of when we let go and surrender. She hopes to convey that the practice is a conduit to healing and growth and leaves you feeling stronger, wiser, lighter and kinder to yourselves.

Expect fun, dynamic classes guided always by the breath and the right amount of yin, yang and that extra little bit of spice.


Monica is an experienced yoga, meditation, and pilates teacher as well as a Clinical Social Worker. Her passion is to create an experience of equilibrium between body, mind, and breath.
Through her own practice, she has found connection to her centre through mindful movement and hopes to shared this sense of grounding and awareness with all her students.


Tanya’s passion for yoga and teaching is undeniable. Since first discovering yoga Tanya has never turned back. She has allowed the positive impacts of the practice to filter into all areas of her life and seeks to share these experiences with her students by creating a space that unifies the body, breath, mind and soul.

With a background in dance and a personal yoga practice spanning nine+ years Tanya has a thorough understanding of the physical body and how to safely move it through space. You will feel calm and at ease in her classes as she guides you through asanas (postures) focused on grounding, releasing tension, building strength, quieting the mind and connecting to the breath.


Familiarise yourself with our incredible and diverse Melbourne Pilates and Yoga teachers.


Michelle discovered her love for pilates after a series of back injuries from high impact gym classes left her unable to move without pain. Discovering this new passion after a recommendation from her physio, Michelle loves that it is possible to participate in a challenging workout without exerting unnecessary stress on the body. Holding a Breathe Certificate in Pilates and a Certificate IV in Fitness and Personal Training, her classes will get your heart rate up and your glutes, abs and arms burning as you move through her full body workout.

Michelle’s ability to keep you motivated and energised throughout the class will have you leaving feeling strong and it won’t take long to notice the amazing effects her classes has on your body too!


Maddie has always loved to move and believes we all need to find that exercise that makes us get out of bed every morning. Maddie’s love and passion for Pilates was discovered at 18 after struggling with some serious health issues. She found the strengthening, control and full body awareness (mentally and physically) that Pilates provided improved her overall health in ways she couldn’t believe. In 2013 Maddie completed her training with Studio Pilates International and has been sharing her love for Pilates ever since. Maddie has taught in Hobart for the last 3 and half years and has only recently moved to Melbourne to now spread her love for Pilates here. Maddie’s classes are full of personality and you’ll leave feeling uplifted, motivated and challenged.


Soolin’s classes provide a resistance training workout that will challenge the whole body, whilst focusing on maintaining smooth, sexy movements (yes, even during that last set of pulses!). Exercises are challenging but accessible and enhance strength, control, coordination and body awareness. With multiple Certificate IVs in Pilates, Fitness and Allied Health (Physiotherapy Stream), Soolin has strong foundations in anatomy and biomechanics. This is enhanced by a love of movement, which has been fostered by a dance background in classical, contemporary and jazz. Soolin is motivating and encouraging, and loves to touch base with her clients to see how they are progressing.


You know you have been to Kat’s class because you will feel the burn. Kat is a certified Polestar Pilates Instructor and holds a Bachelor and Masters in Nutrition. This holistic duo of skills and wealth of knowledge in the healthy industry, paired with Kat’s passion and love for Pilates, shines through her as a teacher.

During her nutrition studies was where Kat first discovered Pilates and she quickly experienced the amazing physical and mental health benefits it had on her. Kat loves to find the balance of a demanding and challenging class, while maintaining a strong mindful and mental aspect through her approach as a teacher and engagement with her clients. Kat loves to educate everyone in a professional and fun way about health, nutrition, Pilates and overall well-being.


Alice’s love of movement began at only 3 years old starting with Ballet and later Contemporary dance. It was in her full-time dance training in 2009 that she was first introduced to Pilates and was quick to see the benefits with performance enhancement, injury prevention and general tone. Upon graduation Alice continued her Pilates practice whilst maintaining a dance career in NZ and Australia for 4 years. In 2015 Alice moved to London, UK and began her STOTT Pilates teacher training, one of the most prestigious training courses in the world. Following her course completion she went straight into full-time teaching working in fitness Pilates and rehabilitation. Coming from a very technical background Alice believes in moving well and having fun whilst doing it!


Dani originally entered the health industry, as a qualified Myotherapist, but she quickly realised that she could have a more profound impact with movement based therapies, such as Pilates.Dani completed her Diploma of Clinical Pilates with Breathe Education, and has been instructing for over 6 years.

She takes pride in classes which are challenging and rejuvenating, and she loves the combination of strength and flexibility, that Pilates classes offer.

Be prepared for a class of funky beats, fun moves and plenty of sweat!


Hailey’s practice started in a hot, sweaty Bikram studio which has laid the foundations for a dedicated and disciplined practiced. Like most students once we feel that post-practice-buzz we want to know more, learn more and we become curious. in 2014 Hailey completed her 200YTT with Power Living. Since has completed further trainings with; Cassie Lee and Duncan Peak through Power Living, Yin Yoga with Hugh Lee, Ashtanga YTT in India, 300YTT with Christina Gagnier and Marysia Do.

Hailey’s aim as a teacher is to hold space for students to lovingly find their way back home to themselves.


It was the physical challenge that first drew Milda to step on the mat in 2008. As her yoga journey continues, she started to notice the mental and spiritual benefit that yoga offers. While she will challenge your strength and flexibility, her classes are compassionate and non-judgemental with every individual. Milda will guide you through a mindful practice to connect with your personal wisdom.


Georgette began her yoga journey whilst living in Sydney and working full time behind the camera in film and TV. The need for time without a radio in one ear and mobile phone on the other – plus a Cross Fit injury is what first bought her to the yoga mat. Thankful for that exhaustion and injury, Georgette has fallen in love with the practice that allows her to play, laugh, breathe, learn, adapt, progress, feel, forgive and meditate. Georgette completed her 200hr Teacher Training with Power Living in November 2017. Her classes are strong, energetic, playful and inspiring. Georgette weaves philosophy into her classes, encouraging students to get out of their minds and into their bodies.


Chelsea is a Yoga Teacher and Film Maker. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 with Australian Yoga Academy and has since completed Advanced Teacher Training. Chelsea specialises in fun alignment focused Slow Flow Vinyasa. It is important to her that all students feel safe, comfortable and supported in her yoga classes. Chelsea weaves Yogic Philosophy and Ayurvedic teachings into her classes making for a holistic Yoga practice.


Inspired by her mum, who is also a yoga teacher, Lucy completed her yoga teacher training in India in 2013. Lucy brings energy to her classes which are dynamic and fun. She hopes to nurture her students with a focus on leaving expectations at the door and being with whatever comes up on the mat. Lucy is currently working full time as a commercial lawyer in the city. With the practice or mindfulness both on and off the mat, Lucy is learning to live with more space in her life which transpires into her teaching.


Yoga plays a huge role in Elle’s daily life, and after completing her 200 hour teaching training in NYC, she knew that she wanted to share her passion and knowledge with the world. Curious and inquisitive, this little yogi teaches with an open mind and an open heart.

Elle’s classes connect the dots between mind and movement. Offering creative yet challenging sequences for all levels of yogis. Elle’s teaching style is fun, strong and dynamic with a focus on breath, self love and compassion. Elle invites you to explore your own practice with a playful twist, empowering you to be the best version of yourself.


Nina’s practice began at a hot yoga studio in Portland, Oregon. What started out as a physical practice slowly evolved into a whole mind, body and soul practice. Nina’s dedication and love for Yoga led her to explore a more traditional Hatha based practice. In 2017, she completed her 200YTT and began teaching both Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. In 2018 Nina completed an 800YTT inclusive of pranayama and meditation through Byron Yoga Centre.

Nina’s vision as a teacher is to inspire students to take the yogic tools they learn on the mat into their daily lives. Nina will guide you through a strong and compassionate practice that brings students closer to themselves.


Riaza’s yoga journey started slowly, with her first classes at her university student guild. Returning to the mat time and time again as a means of dealing with stress, improving flexibility and quietening the mind, Riaza fell in love with yoga knowing it was at the core of who she was.

Since completing her 200hr YTT in Maui, Hawaii, Riaza’s appreciation for the philosophy and tradition of Yoga has only grown, knowing she will be a lifelong student of the practice. As a teacher, Riaza holds space for students to connect breath and movement and find stillness and peace from within. She is passionate about helping others to find their own magic, trusting and surrendering to the universe’s divine plan.


Kristian has been a lover of movement since he was a kid which led him into the world of professional dancing. During his time performing in Moulin Rouge in Paris, he discovered the power of yoga in bringing healing to his body and mind. With spare time during the day while performing shows every night, he pursued his yoga teacher training in the Ashtanga lineage. Since returning to Sydney, Kristian has established himself as a knowledgable, alignment based, and humorous yoga teacher!