365 Days


    Meaningful Movement

“Man’s main concern is not to gain pleasure or to avoid pain but rather to see a meaning in his life.”

― Victor E. Frankl

Meaning Through Movement

Did 2017 begin and end without a sense of accomplishment or purpose? It is possible to find more time, more space, more silence and more connection. Move into meaning with our friendly teachers as your guide. At One, we offer the most intelligent and refined systems to craft the body as a vessel of a great life. Through Yoga and Pilates, we can create the physiological foundation for clarity of thought, expansiveness of mind and heart and a powerhouse of energy so that you can give of your gifts to the world. At the beginning of each year we release a limited number of Mat Memberships for upfront purchase. 365 days of access to the full schedule of our Signature Slow Hot Flow, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Mat Pilates, Friday Flow and One Hot Still in our international award winning Potts Point and South Yarra studios. Membership activates from your first class, which must be taken in January 2018. Available from 1st to 31st January unless sold out prior (limited number available). As this membership option is a limited release, there are no suspensions, cancellations or refunds so please choose carefully. Full T&Cs HERE

365 Days Upfront Unlimited Mat Membership
(Only $3.85 per day!)
Unlimited Mat Classes including Slow Hot Flow, Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Hot Mat Pilates, One Hot Friday Flow and One Hot Still Meditation $1,400.00