One Philosophy

At One Hot Yoga & Pilates, we focus on a single thought: living well. In our studios this translates to practicing the Conscious Conditioning disciplines of Yoga and Pilates to the best of our ability in a space that makes doing so a pleasure. Our intention is simple: to elevate the every day from routine to ritual.


Health: The Heart of One

Our studios centre on the two elements that compose the human body: water and air. One is the first in the world to incorporate a hydronic heating system into yoga and pilates classes, hydrating the eyes and skin as the temperature increases. Our state-of-the-art air filtration system nourishes the body and cleanses the organs with a constant stream of oxygen, which also ensures the rooms remain feeling fresh with a subtle spiciness from our signature scent. Coupled with raw and recycled building materials, deluxe showers and a custom Ayurvedic hair and body-care range, we make the process effortless so you can push your practice further.


One Hot Yoga balances ancient practice with contemporary lifestyles. The studios are the result of a decade of inquiry into Meaningful Movement from yogi Lucinda Mills, combined with Rob Mills’ mastery of design. Together, they’ve re-imagined a traditional practice, defining a western physical philosophy through modern knowledge and striking architecture.

Both the Melbourne and Sydney studios are dedicated to movement and mindfulness, where everything from the contemporary design and advanced heating system to the signature scent and rain showers have been meticulously considered. The environment blends seamlessly with the practice ritual – from the moment you walk in to the second you leave, every element contributes to the experience.

When we opened back in 2012 as the first core body temperature hot yoga studio in the world, One changed the game forever. We have continued to evolve and expand, incorporating the elegance and power of Pilates to our Yoga offering, and becoming national in March 2016 with the opening of our Potts Point studio. One is a uniquely modern idea; philosophy engaged with through the body, rather than a discourse of the mind. A spirituality that embraces emotion, sweat and pleasure. A sacred space that is respectful, welcoming and looks and feels gorgeous. Our vision is nothing short of world peace; one brilliantly guided meaningful movement class in architect designed studios at a time. As individuals we are one, but as One we are complete.

Split over two levels of an historical art deco building in Potts Point, One Hot Yoga & Pilates Sydney is a holistic sensory experience. The little touches are what make Potts Point special: the shimmer of the sun against a gold light fitting; a beam of light casting geometric patterns across the floor. Those who book morning and evening classes should arrive early to catch the sunrise and sunset from level three, with views of the CBD on one side and Paddington on the other.

his is as close as it gets to feeling outside, indoors. There’s space: an expanse of blond timber floors framed by white walls, sheer curtains and spotless mirrors. There’s light: skylights above the white ceiling truss brighten the room. And there’s fresh air: a state-of-the-art filtration system keeps the atmosphere clean. Heated to 27˚C or 37˚C, liberal sunlight isn’t the only warming element of this studio.
Studio 2 is similar to Studio 1 – the mirrored wall that separates the two can slide back to create a single, enormous room – but unlike Studio 1, Studio 2 is kept at 27˚C. The serene environment is enhanced by the view beyond the building, whose steel-framed windows look out to the city and over Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Studio 3 enjoys the same panorama as Studio 2. Twelve reformers sit in perfect alignment on the timber floors in both this and Studio 4, creating a sense of structure and purpose in a tranquil setting. It’s still, almost peaceful, until people take their positions on the reformers and sweat through the serenity.
Studio 4, like Studio 3, is temperature controlled to 21˚C and is located on the ground floor. As with Studio 3, this space enjoys softness and warmth found in the stained timber, bamboo garden and sumptuous palette, accentuated with moments of glamour and intrigue, giving a heightened sense of luxury and space.
The idea behind the original South Yarra studio has always been to create an effortless space that enhances the practice of hot yoga and pilates. We harnessed two ancient disciplines with the goal of making them accessible to everyone and our success is largely due to the realisation that place is as important as practice.
The first studio in the world heated in alignment with core body temperature (37˚C), this is the new benchmark in yoga. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors make the spacious room feel even larger, allowing yogis to move unimpeded. Muted light sifts through natural fabric draped over industrial windows, creating tranquilly in a room filled with people out to challenge themselves.
Hidden behind an organic, veiled entrance, there’s a noticeable softness as one enters Studio 2. This is in sync with the temperature of 27˚C, which builds heat internally to help improve balances, inversions and strength across Power Flow and Yin Yoga, as well as Hot Mat Pilates.
There’s a sense of luxury in the everyday in these studios – a gentle reminder to members to appreciate the beauty in simplicity, both at One Hot and throughout their daily routine. Set against brick and polished concrete with warm highlights and gold finishes, the raw materials of studios 3 and 4 speak to the natural form of contemporary pilates.