Inspired by her mum, who is also a yoga teacher, Lucy completed her yoga teacher training in India in 2013. Lucy brings energy to her classes which are dynamic and fun. She hopes to nuture her students with a focus on leaving expectations at the door and being with whatever comes up on the mat. Lucy is currently completing her Masters of Law and begins work as a lawyer in March 2017. With the practice of mindfulness both on and off the mat, Lucy is learning to live with more space in her life which transpires into her teaching.


Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Petra started travelling at the age of 14 and has been on the move ever since. After travelling through Europe & Asia, she found herself in Melbourne, Australia and immediately fell in love with the vibrant and multicultural city, she now calls home. She first stepped on the mat in 2012 and has loved expressing herself through the flow of the disciplined, physical & spiritual practice of yoga ever since. Over the years she has learned the importance of maintaining a balanced life through living a healthy, active lifestyle. Petra’s focus is on breath work, alignment, strength and movement with grace. Her classes are energetic and playful.

Petra's Spotlight Interview


Phoebe has been involved in sports, aerobics and weights training at a very young age.Her passion for movement has led her to pursuit a career in Pilates teaching and has been teaching for over 10 years. Recently she also completed her yoga teacher training at Power Living. Her classes are fun, dynamic and lighthearted guaranteed to leave you feeing reenergised.


Tahlia was introduced to Pilates after sustaining a back injury whilst working as a professional dancer. She used Pilates to maintain her strength and flexibility whilst preforming in Japan, USA and around Europe.After falling in love with Pilates and its benefits on the body Tahlia studied a full certification through STOTTs Pilates and has been instructing since 2012. Tahlia’s classes will challenge the entire body leaving you feeling lengthened straightened and aligned.


Completing her training at Power Living Australia Yoga Jennalea is currently studying Nutritional Medicine, with a passion for holistic, natural approaches to preventing disease and disharmony in the body. Jennalea’s classes are nurturing and powerful. Her beautifully personal approach and love for hands-on assisting allow for a connection with each individual in the room. She loves to get creative and playful when sequencing her flows and aims for her students is to cultivate in them the same devotion, passion and trust in the practice and process of yoga, that has been so transformative in her own life.


Starting her yoga journey like so many, seeing it as just another form of physical exercise she soon noticed that there was beautiful sense of quieting in the mind when stepping onto her mat. In 2014 Hailey completed her 200hr YTT at Power Living Melbourne. Hailey offers a sense of humour and honesty in a safe multi-level sequence suitable for any aspiring yogi and asks her students to simply “show up & allow their practice to meet them and watch the magic happen”. Expect a challenging yet playful & dynamic yoga practice that syncs the mind and body through movement with breath.

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Abbie attended her first yoga class in 2008, she was immediately drawn to how the practice calmed her active mind. At that time she was still an avid runner, but after several injuries, yoga became her full time love.Abbie completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, and has been sharing her love for the practice in Sydney ever since.Abbie’s classes focus on integrating breath, mindfulness and dynamic movement. Abbie believes yoga is for everyone, and looks forward to sharing her passion for practice with all who come to their mat.


Born and raised in Adelaide South Australia, understanding and exploring human movement has always been a means of expression and a huge part of Annabel’s life. Studying contemporary dance at university, Annabel went onto to deepen her relationship with movement by completing her 200Hr Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Bali. Her classes are creative, powerful and mindful aiming to build an experience and a journey for her clients that will in turn change their lives off the mat.


Amy grew up on the Central Coast NSW, and trained in dance since a toddler and has travelled around the globe internationally and domestically as a professional dancer. Amy fell in love with the cohesion of blending breath with align based movement and completed her SmartFLOW Teacher Training with Annie Carpenter. Amy’s classes are a juicy flow with strong body awareness, always capturing an element of fun and laughter with students. Her personal practise is reflective of her teachings. An intelligent mix of strong alignment and foundation with fluid transitions.

Amy's Spotlight Interview


Janet is originally from Wisconsin and has been living in Australia for nearly two years. Expect dynamic upbeat music combined with creative sequencing leaving the room drenched and inspired to come back for more. She completed her teacher training in San Francisco while transitioning from corporate life to yoga. Janet loves students that are committed to the practice but also finds balance by trying all the flavours in Messina.


As a former dancer, yoga was a natural progression for Jeremin in the physical sense. As with every great love story, she discovered so much more on a mental, emotional and spiritual level and as a way of life. Having taught at One Hot Yoga Melbourne, Jeremin is thrilled to be part of the One Hot family again after moving up to Sydney. Inspired by creative playfulness, Jeremin encourages students to be present, and to keep their hearts open, wild and free. Her classes focus on breath awareness to create dynamic and mindful flows with an emphasis on core stability.


Jaimi fell in love with pilates and the wholistic benefits of strengthening and conditioning the body, as well as the ways in which pilates can be adapted for people of all ages and physical histories. Jaimi undertook her matwork and reformer teacher training with Studio Pilates International and is now studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. The quote “If you’re not helping people, then you’re not really living” (Jake Ducey, Into The Wind) resonates with Jaimi as her passion to help others feel happier, stronger and more confident every day is fulfilled through her pilates teaching.